About us

Infingame, a leading game aggregator for online casino and sportsbook operators, has been developing innovative business solutions and client-oriented business services in the gambling industry since 2015. We offer 12 000+ slots, fast and live casino games with single seamless API integration.

About us

  • Our mission
    We strive to make a positive difference in our clients and partners lives by delivering transformative solutions and top-quality iGaming software.
  • Trust
    We believe that mutual trust is a foundation of success. We build long-term partnering relationships with our Team and our Clients.
  • Customer focus
    We are customer-focused. We advance our customers by understanding current and future market needs.
  • Synergy
    The power of collaboration while working towards common goals. We unite all our efforts to create great solutions.

Our team

Denys Cherievko
Chief Business Development Officer

Our partners

Over the years, Infingame has helped power hundreds of iGaming brands. Infingame clients exceptional service from our different departments and service teams.

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