Transforming the Gaming Aggregation Landscape: An Interview with Denis Cherievko, CBDO of Infingame

Transforming the Gaming Aggregation Landscape: An Interview with Denis Cherievko, CBDO of Infingame

In the fast-paced world of online gaming, gaming aggregators serve as essential intermediaries, connecting game providers and online casinos. Infingame, a leading gaming aggregator, has been revolutionizing the industry by providing a seamless platform that brings together a diverse range of top-quality games. In this interview, we sit down with Denis Cherievko, Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO) of Infingame, to discuss Infingame’s unique value proposition, challenges in the market, and Infingame’s vision for the future.

Q: Could you give us an overview of Infingame’s role in the gaming aggregation market and your unique value proposition?

Denis Cherievko: Infingame is a highly respected gaming aggregator that serves as a bridge between game providers and online casinos. We pride ourselves on curating a vast selection of top-quality games from renowned providers and offering them to our casino partners. Our unique value proposition lies in our commitment to delivering a seamless integration process, advanced technology solutions, and personalized experiences that enhance the overall gaming journey for players.

Q: What sets Infingame apart from other gaming aggregators in the market?

Denis Cherievko: At Infingame, we understand the diverse needs of our partners, both game providers and online casinos. We prioritize building strong relationships with our partners, fostering open communication, and providing tailored solutions to meet their specific requirements. Additionally, our cutting-edge technology enables us to offer seamless integration, reliable performance, and advanced analytics, giving our partners a competitive edge in the market.

Q: What are the main challenges that game providers and online casinos face in the gaming aggregation industry?

Denis Cherievko: Game providers and online casinos face several challenges in this dynamic industry. For game providers, standing out in a crowded market and ensuring their games reach a wide audience can be a hurdle. They must also navigate the complexities of integration and maintain regulatory compliance. Online casinos, on the other hand, face the challenge of selecting the right game providers and ensuring a diverse and engaging game portfolio to attract and retain players. Infingame addresses these challenges by providing a seamless integration process, a wide range of game options, and personalized support to our partners.

Q: Could you tell us about any unique features or tools that Infingame offers to game providers and online casinos?

Denis Cherievko: In addition to our commitment to seamless integration and personalized support, we have developed a highly sought-after Tournament Tool. This tool has gained tremendous popularity among online casinos due to its diverse range of mechanics and its effectiveness in player retention. By utilizing our Tournament Tool, providers can focus on creating exceptional games without the need to develop a similar feature themselves. It has been a game-changer in the market, and our “Happy Hours” feature, in particular, has been incredibly well-received.

Additionally, we have an upcoming feature called “Daily Missions” that will bring a new level of engagement and excitement for players. This feature aims to increase player engagement and retention, benefitting both game providers and online casinos.

The combination of our Tournament Tool, Happy Hours feature, and the upcoming Daily Missions showcases our dedication to innovation and our commitment to providing our partners with cutting-edge tools to enhance their gaming offerings.

Q: How does Infingame ensure the quality and reliability of the games it offers to its casino partners?

Denis Cherievko: Quality and reliability are of utmost importance to us at Infingame. We carefully select our game providers based on their track record, industry reputation, and the quality of their game offerings. Our team conducts thorough evaluations, including testing games for performance, security, and compliance with regulatory standards. We also maintain constant communication with our partners, collecting player feedback and addressing any issues promptly. This rigorous process ensures that the games offered through Infingame are of the highest quality and meet the expectations of our casino partners.

Q: Can you share any future plans or developments that Infingame has in store for its game provider and casino partners?

Denis Cherievko: We are constantly striving to enhance our platform and provide added value to our partners. Infingame has ambitious plans for expanding our network of game providers, ensuring a diverse and comprehensive game portfolio that caters to different player preferences. We are also investing in advanced technologies, such as AI-driven recommendations and data analytics, to help our partners make informed decisions and optimize their offerings. Our goal is to continue being a trusted partner, offering innovative solutions and personalized support to game providers and casinos.

Q: How can game providers and online casinos benefit from partnering with Infingame?

Denis Cherievko: By partnering with Infingame, game providers gain access to a vast network of reputable online casinos, expanding their reach and maximizing their game exposure. Our seamless integration process, advanced technology solutions, and personalized support enable game providers to focus on what they do best—creating exceptional games. On the other hand, online casinos benefit from our diverse game portfolio, reliable performance, and personalized service, allowing them to offer their players a top-tier gaming experience.


Denis Cherievko, CBDO of Infingame, provided valuable insights into the company’s unique value proposition, commitment to quality, and vision for the gaming aggregation industry. Infingame’s focus on seamless integration, cutting-edge technology, and personalized support positions it as a preferred partner for game providers and online casinos. With a commitment to delivering top-quality games, advanced analytics, and exceptional service, Infingame aims to drive success for its partners in the ever-evolving world of online gaming.

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